Jellyfish Hunter
Dev. Notes 30/11
Dev. Notes 23/11
Dev. Notes Oct
  Current Feature:
A change is as good as a holiday, they say.
WEEBL and BOB icons
There are some free icons to download for your computer here. The Weebl and Bob website is here.
  BLUESTAR GAMES is moving
Moving server, that is. A few things might break in the transitioning period, but we'll sort them out quickly.
  Jellyfish ?
One of the running gags through the conference was that no-one had made a game featuring our dangerous fauna, notably jellyfish. We have corrected that oversight with a little web-based game you can have a look at here.
*added April 2004* The page formatting will not match the new page design until May 2004.
  We're off to the AGDC!
Some of the hard working team from Bluestar Games will be off to the annual Australian Game Developer's Conference in Melbourne. More details about the actual event can be found at their website here.
  Development Notes, 30th of November
The engine now supports multiple clients, skins, trace weaponry, sounds, multi-layered console effects and using vehicles. This was a very productive weekend again, despite some hiccups such as a 30-sec brownout which nearly fried the CVS server.
The models added were some weaponry, some scenery and a couple of buildings.
  Development Notes, 23rd of November
All stops were removed as the AGDC rolls ever closer. Some more engine enhancements were made, and the three code streams are evolving nicely now that we're using some synchronisation tools. It sounds like a library at times, with people checking code out.
On the graphics front, the player model count is now 2, with a female model added, and the vehicle count is increased by the addition of some heavier industrial gear. Scenery is not forgotten, a pair of nice looking maps were created, and now the task of adding the various models to the map commences.
  Development Notes, October
Some of the development notes are now online. We don't want to give away critical ideas, but enough to indicate progress.