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Early Bluestar releases were Modifications of Quake 2, or 'mods'. These have been released for free, and you can find information about them in the summaries below, or on their respective pages. Want to see the Quake 2 engine do something that it was never meant to? Then give Quake and Conquer a try!
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Quake and Conquer is a real-time strategy game set inside the Quake 2 environment. Because Quake 2 was fully 3D, so is Quake and Conquer. Any map - deathmatch or single player - will work with Quake and Conquer. You don't need any special maps - but we've included a few that we like.

You start with a single flyer, who is your workhorse / resource collector.

Flyers can build a few structures - a Central thing, an Infantry Press, Resource Points. TIP: Read the unit descriptions in the game description section.

Accumulate stuff by mining the crystals scattered throughout each level.

Use stuff to build units.

Find your opponent and exterminate them with your new toys.

Simple, eh?

Take all the techniques you know about Quake 2 and throw them away.

Quake and Conquer is all about resource management and strategy. You can't resort to a gung-ho solo charge because - well, you just can't.

Your player is a disembodied essence wandering the levels. You have direct control over your creatures and machines through your crosshair.

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This DM only Conversion of Quake 2 - was set in the Victorian era - the turn of the century. The ideas are drawn from the works of Charles Babbage, inventor of the difference engine. This fascinating device was the precursor of modern computers. In the STEAMPUNK scenario - he managed to get it working...

The invention of the Difference Engine prompted other inventors to utilise the processing power of these steam-powered behemoths for academic research. The enormous drain on the timber and coal resources of 1880's England led to filthy streets and rank, stagnant rivers.

But adversity bred some hope - the mysterious Doctor Thynne, working with his own souped up version of the Engine, managed to crack the codes that held time and space in synchronisation. He could bring the resources of millions of years ago to fuel the maw of industry. Government funding was poured into his project, and his estate became one of the busiest places in London.

When the time to try out the new machines came, Dr. Thynne and his small army of workers were gathered in the main hall of the manor. With a pull of the main lever, a rattle of cogs and gears and a whoosh of steam the place became enshrined in an eerie green light as time and space were wrenched apart.

They could not have known what they unleashed.

Somehow, someone managed to switch off the engine and shut the gap in space time. But weird distortions and fluxes of energy warped the very souls of the workers and technicians trapped in the manor. The plants outside the building were even affected. As for the Doctor, well no-one knows for sure what happened to him...