Top 50 Hunters
Name Score
Manda 2499
Manda 2310
Manda 2066
Manda 1876
Jamie 1728
Rousey 1601
Manda 1495
Jamie 1423
Jamie 1416
Manda 1306
Jamie WOOT 1142
Jamie 1022
Mario 1000
Stuffy 950
Exciter 900
Rousey 898
Cossack 850
Dr.Teeth 800
Toby 754
Mr.Insane 750
Waaay 749
Stuffy 722
Dastari 700
Guardian 650
Manda 624
Noooo 613
Cosmo 600
Q 550
Manda 548
Jen 500
JamieX0rs 450
kgkgukg 411
Hyper 400
Dazzer 350
Manda 330
ggg 326
ethan fisher 314
waddy 310
Midian 300
cassim 262
Griffon 250
Reaper 200
gtfrhj.: 189
rosie 160
Manda 157
jim 157
jess new zealamnd 155
juan carlos 137
cpu 120
Mr.Insane 100


Instructions, who needs instructions?
Isn't the game easy enough as it is?
I mean things just scroll by and you shoot them, how hard can it be?

How to play:

An unfortunate bit of civic planning has placed a conveyor belt in the streets of Melbourne, leading to the Melbourne Convention Centre. The conveyor belt travels first left to right across your screen, before looping around to travel back across. This gives you two opportunities to shoot a frisky jelly.

Jellyfish and other items will travel along the conveyor belt. Point at an object and press the left mouse button to fire.

  • If you hit, your Nerf gun has knocked the object off the conveyor.
  • If you hit a Jellyfish, you are awarded 10 points.
  • If you let a Jellyfish travel all the way around the loop conveyor belt, you lose 5 points as the insidious animal runs amok in the Convention centre.

    Every time you fire, you use up one Nerf dart. If you shoot Nerf ammunition off the conveyor belt, you will pick it up and put it in your bag.

    When you run out of Nerf darts, the game ends.


    Jellyfish: Shooting one of these dangerous jellies gives you 10 points. Letting one of these escape off the end of the conveyor loses you 5 points.

    Ammunition: When you shoot ammunition off the conveyor belt, you pick it up and put it in your bag. Unfortunately, you can only fit 10 darts in your bag due to all the t-shirts, mugs and pamphlets already in there.

    Beer: Drinking beer tends to make it harder to aim your Nerf gun.
    Coffee: Coffee sobers you up, but makes you a little wired.

    Conference Bag: If you knock someone else's conference bag off the conveyor belt, you'll spill their ammo. And then they'll steal yours.
    Shot Glass: If you drink hard liquor, you tend to overestimate your reaction times. As in real life, the more you drink, the greater the effect.

    Mints: Mints give you powerfully minty breath - powerful enough to make everyone in front of you take a step back!

    Passport: The alien passports from the Immigration Museum make everyone a little mixed up. Mobile Phone: Aargh! Stop the ringing! Quick!